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Good Night Fairy

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What People are Saying about "A Visit from the Good Night Fairy"

  • The "Good Night Fairy" series is a collection of wonderful stories that will help make bedtime a positive experience for both parents and children alike!
    -- Dr. S. Fogel; Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario

  • My kids just love this book! It is beautifully written and the illustrations are gorgeous!!! It has really helped my middle child to stay in his bed all night. This is a book every child should have as part of their personal library!!
    -- Marisa G.; Home Daycare Provider, mother of three

  • My daughter loves her new Good Night Fairy book and she is looking forward to meeting you!  She and I read it twice the first night and every night since she insists on reading it before bed.  Thank you, thank you! 
    -- Deb W.; MOMpreneur, "Take Heart" and Deb's Home Childcare Provider, mother of two

  • This book is written with a fun-to-hear rhythm and can be a creative solution to a common problem.  What common problem?  Getting a young child to sleep in his/her own bed ALL night.  This bedtime story encourages kids to sleep in their own beds with the reward of a visit from the good night fairy.  The illustrations are beautiful, the words are catchy, and the kids are in their own beds.  Genius!
    -- Ashley B.; Elementary School Teacher, mother of one  

  • I purchased 2 copies, one for myself and one as a gift for a good friend.  Both families love this book.  It's easy to follow along for my 4 and 2 year old, and my little one especially loves the illustrations.  Definitely a good buy!
    -- Hema K.; High School Teacher, mother of two ​

  • This is a wonderful children's book!  If you have young kids, grandkids, or know somebody that does, I highly recommend adding "A Visit from the Good Night Fairy" to [their] collection!  It is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated and my young kids look forward to it as part of their bedtime routine.  It has definitely helped them with sleeping through the night!  It looks like this book is the first in a series.... I can't wait for the rest of the books to become available! 
    -- Frank D.; Airline Pilot, father of two

  • Our [Brighter Babies] center had the pleasure of having Ms. Renee come in and read her book  A Visit from the Good Night Fairy to two of our classrooms.  The illustrations are amazing water colors and so vibrant.  The purpose of this book is to help children learn how to sleep in their bed through the whole night.  Being in the daycare field we know that this is always a difficult milestone for kids to achieve.  This is why this book is so helpful and we highly recommend adding it to your library collection.  We can't wit to see what else Ms. Renee has in store for us.
    -- Christine Walczak; Administrative Assistant, Brighter Babies LIC

  • ... My son Jace and I met you on Friday. We bought two books one for Jace and one for Kallum and Aubree. I just want to say thank you so much. We have now read the book a good dozen times and we actually named our fairy Sarah. My son knows she comes to see him while he sleeps and he began giving her kisses on each page she showed up on. What a beautiful experience at bedtime. Thank you. From one mother to a another that is a beautiful gift.
    ​-- Randi L.; Pediatric Nurse