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<-----  Celebrate #Family Literacy Day with Oobleck!!  It's always fun to bring books to life with tie-in activities; Dr. Suess's "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" is perfectly suited to inspire you to make the non-Newtonian fluid with your kids!  All you need is some corn starch and water.   

<-----  #AskYourKids about their dreams!  Discuss what they dreamt about the night before, or what they'd like to dream about in the upcoming night.  

<-----  "Match It" puzzle games that are a fun way for children to learn their letters and simple sight words.  A GREAT way to spend your 15 Minutes of Play to promote #FamilyLiteracyDay this year!

Lit-er-a-cy: the ability to read or write; a person's knowledge of a particular subject or field 

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay with bi-lingual or second-language books.

<-----  The Hasbro game, "Guess Who" is a fantastic way to promote literacy through process of elimination!  

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay by telling your own story!  Involve your child and make up your own stories with a recap of your daily 'adventures' - find out what their favourite activity was and share what you enjoyed the most. 

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay with a workbook from your local Dollar Store.

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay with song!  Kids LOVE to sing and dance so incorporate song into your daily routine.  Sing along with a CD or radio OR make up your own words to describe what you're doing:  cleaning-up, cooking lunch, or getting ready for bed.

<-----  A 'tip of the hat' to fellow Canadian Author, and legend in his own time, Mr. Robert Munsch.  

<-----  Just a quick missive to send along warm wishes for a Happy #FamilyLiteracyDay!  

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay with a rousing game of "I Spy".  Fun for ALL ages to 'spy' things of a certain colour, beginning with a certain letter, rhyming with another word, of a particular shape... 

<----- Help express gratitude while celebrating #FamilyLiteracyDay by writing thank you letters for all of the gifts your child received this Holiday season!  

<-----  Celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay with sight words; pick up a box of flash-cards or make your own!  Sight word lists are easily found on-line.  

<----  I celebrated #FamilyLiteracyDay 2015 with various locations of the Ontario Early Years Centres!