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A Visit from the Good Night Fairy (and from Renee Frances, Author)

​On March 25, 2015 Wortley Road [Public School] was privileged to have Renee Frances, award-winning author of the book A Visit from the Goodnight Fairy come to our school for an author visit.  Students were captivated by her workshops, which were tailored to the various age groups in our building and involved opportunities for drama and audience involvement.  With older students, she talked about dream cycles and provided them with the opportunity to act out the story.  The younger students were excited to have her come to their classes to share her book and to invite animated discussion.  Renee provided lesson plans and activities for teachers to use beforehand if they so wished, and personally signed copies of her book for students for a reasonable cost.

Renee is extremely knowledgeable about the importance of a good night’s sleep in order to promote positive mental well-being.  She attended our Mental Health Understanding parent workshop to share with parents/families about healthy sleep habits.  Parents were very thankful to receive such important information when looking for ways to be proactive with mental health.

The cost to have Renee work with all students at our school was very reasonable.  We were delighted to have Renee share her award-winning book with us and hope that she comes back to visit when her new book is complete!
Helen Brown
Principal, Wortley Road Public School
London, Ontario  Canada

Our [Brighter Babies] center had the pleasure of having Ms. Renee come in and read her book  A Visit from the Good Night Fairy to two of our classrooms.  The illustrations are amazing water colors and so vibrant.  The purpose of this book is to help children learn how to sleep in their bed through the whole night.  Being in the daycare field we know that this is always a difficult milestone for kids to achieve.  This is why this book is so helpful and we highly recommend adding it to your library collection.  We can't wit to see what else Ms. Renee has in store for us.
-- Christine Walczak; Administrative Assistant,
Brighter Babies
, Long Island City


   Award Winning Author, Renee Frances,

   Will Inspire Your Children

    APPEARANCES - Ideal for preschoolers through middle-school aged children


      *  Promote literacy, art, and creativity

      *  Interactive (20 to) 30 minute assembly per grade

               *  Length depends on the attention-span of the audience members

      *  Related extension activity/craft idea for the classroom

               *  Great for before or after the assembly

      *  Grade-appropriate, curriculum-based lesson plan(s) with rubric available for interested teachers

      *  Each child will receive Good Night Fairy colouring sheets and a bookmark as a souvenir

      *  Full day and half-day rates are available

                   *  Up to six 30-minute assemblies per day - one or two grades (fewer than 120 students or so) per assembly is recommended

      *  Book PRE-ORDER forms will be sent to the school upon scheduling Renee's appearance

                  *  These should be sent home to parents by two weeks before Renee's appearance and returned to Renee by one week before
                      her appearance.  This timeline is to ensure that Renee can personalize each book ordered.