With afterword written by Dylan Tuccillo, Jared Zeizel, and Thomas Peisel, authors of 
A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming:  Mastering the Art of Oneironautics 

Romaine (Lewandowski) Tacey was born in Bay City, MI and now resides in Orlando, FL with her loving and supportive husband, Ken.  Romaine transitioned from years of photo-realistic portraits to more fanciful illustrations that she was inspired to create for her beloved grandchildren, Morgan and Gavin, who live nearby with their parents Jeremy and Amy.  Having found her diversified "Happy Place", Romaine continues to create beautiful murals, sketches, watercolours, and oil-paintings for clients throughout the United States and Canada.

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As a teacher, businesswoman, wife, and a mom of two lovely young girls, Renee Frances can appreciate the importance of a good night's sleep!  Inspired (read: exhausted) by real-life events, Renee penned A Visit from the Good Night Fairy with the hopes of helping more little-ones and their family members sleep through the night on their own.  Renee was honoured to receive the Mom's Choice (Gold) Award of Excellence for A Visit from the Good Night Fairy in December 2014 - just a few months after its publication in September of that year!

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T he Good Night Fairy Helps Via
Change Her Dream!

Alpha helps Avery fall asleep by reminding him about a few relaxation techniques that will send YOUR child drifting off to Dreamland!  (Summer 2018!)   

Helps Via Change Her Dream

The Good Night Fairy       

Author: Renee Frances, B.S., B.Ed., M.A.

Good Night Fairy

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Alpha Whispers Avery to Sleep

​The Good Night Fairy:

Summer 2018

​Illustrator: Romaine Tacey

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The Good Night Fairy: Remy Somnus

A Visit from the Good Night Fairy:

Named after a part of the sleep cycle, REMy is not unlike her "cousin" the Tooth Fairy, who rewards children for a part of life they may not look forward to.  After reading A Visit from the Good Night Fairy, your child may make a stronger effort to stay in his own bed throughout the night with the hope of receiving a small token or gift from Remy.

As a guardian of a good night's sleep, the Good Night Fairy rewards those children who are having a particularly difficult time sleeping through the night on their own.  Her gifts (should) come to the child on the first full night of sleep in his room, then only after three or four nights in a row, then again after a full five- to seven nights in a row.  This "interval schedule" of rewarding your child's behaviour not only requires fewer rewards, but is also clinically proven to be very effective. 
{CLICK HERE to learn more about interval schedules of reinforcement.}

Rewards can be anything that is pleasing to the child:  a sticker, a coin, or a book.  It is recommended that after a full week or two of sleeping on his own, your child receive a note "from REMy" letting him know how proud she is of him, that she is confident that he can continue to sleep on his own without her gifts, but that she will continue to watch over him to help him have a good night's sleep!

The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream (To be released in Summer 2016)

REMy doesn't work alone; she has a lot of help from her friends, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta, who have talents similar to those brainwaves after which they are named.  Together, they work to be certain that children get a good night's sleep.  If a young one is suffering with nightmares, REMy and her team will remind him that dreams don't happen TO him, but rather, WITHIN his mind!  If the child is aware that he is dreaming, the child can actively participate in his own dream without ANY of the restrictions of his waking world!  {CLICK HERE to learn more about Lucid Dreaming}

The Good Night Fairy:  Alpha Whispers Avery to Sleep (To be released in Summer 2018)
Alpha takes the lead when overstimulated Avery can't seem to fall asleep - there's too much on his mind!  Of course, Alpha's job would be a WHOLE lot easier if Avery exercised daily, turned off his screens an hour before bed, and went to bed at a sensible time for his age!  Alpha helps Avery by reminding him about a few relaxation techniques that may also send YOUR child drifting off to Dreamland!