by Renee Frances, B.S., B.Ed., M.A. 

Good Night Fairy Book Series

Author:  Renee Frances

As a teacher, businesswoman, wife, and a mom of two lovely young girls, Renee Frances can appreciate the importance of a good night's sleep!  Inspired (read: exhausted) by real-life events, Renee penned the Mom's Choice Award-winning, A Visit from the Good Night Fairy with the hopes of helping more little-ones and their family members sleep through the night on their own.  The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream will also help empower your little with the powerful phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming!  The final book in the GNF trilogy, Avery Sleeps More Readily, uses Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) to lull your whole family to sleep.  Try it tonight!   

Illustrator:  Romaine Tacey

Romaine (Lewandowski) Tacey was born in Bay City, MI and now resides in Orlando, FL with her loving and supportive husband, Ken.  Romaine transitioned from years of photo-realistic portraits to more fanciful illustrations that she was inspired to create for her beloved grandchildren, Morgan and Gavin, who live nearby with their parents Jeremy and Amy.  Having found her diversified "Happy Place", Romaine continues to create beautiful murals, sketches, watercolours, and oil-paintings for clients throughout the United States and Canada.
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