Add this Award winning children's picture book to your home collection!  "A Visit from the Good Night Fairy" will help your 'reluctant sleeper' look forward to sleeping through the night in his or her own bed!
Using seemingly magical (but actually very concrete) strategies for banishing bedtime anxiety, this book is not only entertaining, but is practical as well.  The tenderness and reassurance that is repeated by the words of the narrator and the actions of the Good Night Fairy provides a special coziness and comfort that can help reduce common bedtime fears.  This clever and engaging tale unfolds with a typical night time routine; however, this night is special because, after waking up early and finding her child still in his own bed, Mommy has a chance encounter with the "Good Night Fairy" herself, who places a small gift at the foot of the still-sleeping child's bed! 
The best loved children's tales are those that can be enjoyed on different levels by different ages of readers.  They speak to children in a whimsical, fantastical way that is not too fluffy for parents to enjoy, and they resonate for parents by reflecting real life without being boring to kids.  This book has accomplished that delicate balance.  Carefully crafted with a familiar and soothing cadence that children love, and with vocabulary that is not overly simplistic nor too complex, "A Visit from the Good Night Fairy" will be enjoyed night after night, by young and old alike, throughout the year.

First book in the series:


A Visit from the Good Night Fairy


I purchased 2 copies, one for myself and one as a gift for a good friend. Both families love this book. It's easy to follow along for my 4 and 2 year old, and my little one especially loves the illustrations. Definitely a good buy!
                                                                                                                                                                                                        -- Hema K., Teacher and mother of two

"My daughter loves the symmetry and rhyming of the words. She also loves the illustrations as I watch her eyes look all over the book as I read it to her. The first couple of times I read this to her, I noticed that she has calmed down and was ready to sleep. Now, she is using it, not only to get ready for bed, but also to learn how to read."
-- Lenora D. , Accountant and mother of 6-year-old

Exerpt from the award-winning picture book, 
​A Visit from the Good Night Fairy

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